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Giving Tuesday 2022

November's here, which means Giving Tuesday is coming up! This year, Giving Tuesday is on November 29th, and we want you all to participate!

FOREA is a non-profit organization that strives to expand our small, niche profession of orthoptics by fostering and supporting our orthoptists in research and education.

This year we aspire to raise $5000, which will 100% be used towards student scholarships, travel grants, and webinars/events that will further elevate us in the field of ophthalmology. Be a part of our movement by donating now!

We are asking for donations on each Tuesday of the month. Match your donation to the date of the Tuesday of the month you donate:

November 1st - donate $1

November 8th - donate $8

November 15th - donate $15

November 22nd - donate $22

November 29th (Giving Tuesday!) - donate $29 (or round it up to $30 ;) )

No amount is too small, and your generous gesture will have a positive impact on our students and fellow orthoptists.


There are three easy ways to donate:

1. Venmo

Venmo us @FOREA, or simply scan our QR-code to get there.

2. Paypal

3. Donate button at the top right corner of this page!!

Follow us on our Instagram (@foreaorthoptics) and Facebook page (Foundation for Orthoptic Research and Education in the Americas) to see weekly updates of our progress. We will also be having some of our past students and winners speak about their experience with FOREA, so be on the lookout for them as well.

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