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Student Scholarships

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FOREA has proudly awarded over $80,000 (USD) in scholarships to deserving students. These scholarships are specifically available to students who are enrolled in an orthoptic/vision science program accredited by either the American Orthoptic Council (AOC) or the Canadian Orthoptic Council (COC). At FOREA, we are committed to supporting the development of highly capable orthoptic students by providing both merit-based and need-based funding. Our aim is to empower these students and enable their participation in valuable educational opportunities.

The field of orthoptics faces a unique challenge due to its highly specialized nature and the limited number of Certified Orthoptists in North America. Unlike the general medical community, orthoptic students often lack access to numerous educational scholarships. As a result, a void is created in the availability of care for patients with specialized eye conditions who require the expertise of an orthoptist. By establishing a viable foundation that offers educational scholarships exclusively for orthoptic students, we have the potential to increase the number of orthoptists practicing in North America and significantly improve patient access to essential care.

We kindly request your support in nurturing our rising stars—orthoptic students who are dedicated to making a difference in this field. These students face significant challenges in securing funding to support their educational needs. Through your generous donation to the Foundation for Orthoptic Research and Education in the Americas (FOREA), we can extend our support to a greater number of students pursuing this noble profession. Your contribution will have a meaningful impact on their educational journey. Please join us in making a difference by donating to FOREA today.

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Get to know the past recipients of FOREA Scholarships. 

Information for Students

FOREA Educational Scholarships are available to incoming first year, second year, and advanced standing students enrolled in an AOC or COC orthoptic/vision science program.
Merit-Based Scholarships
Available to Second Year and Advance Standing Students

Merit-based funding is available for second-year and advanced standing orthoptic students, aiming to support their growth and enhance their educational opportunities. These scholarships are specifically designed to assist highly capable orthoptic students in their development by providing financial aid.

Need-Based Scholarship
Available to First Year and Advanced Standing Students

Incoming first year students are eligible to apply for scholarships based on financial need. These scholarships are aimed at alleviating the financial challenges that incoming students face. The funding provided by these scholarships helps to offset the costs of tuition and living expenses through your educational journey. 


Interested in supporting FOREA's Scholarship Program and Future Orthoptists? 

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