Student Scholarships

$12,000 (USD) in scholarships will be awarded to eligible students in 2022, who meet all scholarship requirements.

FOREA Scholarships are available to incoming second year and advanced standing students (graduating in 2023) enrolled in an American Orthoptic Council (AOC) or Canadian Orthoptic Council (COC) orthoptic/vision science accredited program. This merit-based funding is intended to support the development of highly capable orthoptic students by facilitating their participation in educational opportunities.

The 2022 Scholarship Cycle is now closed.  Winners will be announced in August.  

Stack of Books
Students may apply for funding for expenses including, but not limited to:

  • Matriculation in an Orthoptic Training Program

  • Attendance at regional, national, or international Orthoptic meetings, including but not limited to:

    • AAPOS, WSPOS, IOA or ISA meetings

  • Tuition for online educational opportunities

  • Other acceptable educational opportunities


Reference Letters

  • Two letters of recommendation are required.

  • One letter MUST come from your current Orthoptic Training Program Director. 

  • Please give your program director this Letter for Referees

    • This letter outlines the information the Committee requires to support your application.​

Any Questions can be addressed to:

Carole M. Panton, CO, OC(C) at

Chair - FOREA Educational Scholarship Committee