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Research Grant Program

Laboratory Scientist


Eligible candidates must:

  • Have current certification as an orthoptist by the American Orthoptic Council or the Canadian Orthoptic Council. Validation of certification must accompany the application. 

  • Be a member in good standing of either the AACO or TCOS

  • Plan to conduct the research in the U.S. or Canada

  • Commit to presenting their research or a portion of their research at the AACO National Meeting or the Annual TCOS meeting

  • Commit to submitting to the Journal of Binocular Vision & Ocular Motility

Applications must include a brief synopsis of the study and a proposal (2 pages maximum) in support of the research project.  All research must be original with the CO or OC(C) applicant as principal investigator.  Documentation of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval must accompany all applications.  For sites without an IRB, the applicant must submit an affidavit stating that the study conforms to the Declaration of Helsinki.  

The recipient may receive up to $3000 for use towards supplies, services, or activities that support the research project. It will be paid in two installments. The first grant distribution, typically half of the total value of the grant, will be paid immediately.  The remaining balance will be mailed following submission of the required interim status report, which is due six months after the initial grant distribution. 

Research must be completed and prepared for submission to the Journal of Binocular Vision & Ocular Motility (  no more than 24 months from the date the grant is awarded.

*Any oral, poster, electronic or published presentation of all or part of the research must acknowledge FOREA’s support.

Any Questions can be addressed to:

Linda Colpa OC(C) at

Chair - FOREA Research Grant Program


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