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Season 1 Webinar 1 January 2021


Generating a Hypothesis for Study Presented by: Kyle Arnoldi, CO Moderator: Jorie Jackson, CO Originally Presented on January 27, 2021 1.5 Core AOC and COC CEC Whether you are a student looking to fulfill a research project requirement, an orthoptist who has agreed to speak at a scientific conference, or a clinical scientist required to publish to maintain or advance a faculty position, many find the most difficult step to be generating an idea or hypothesis for study. This first FOREA Webinar in the Series will feature presentations on Research vs. Practice, Inspiration vs. Obligation: Different Approaches to Developing an Idea, Novel vs. Confirmatory Studies, and The Sensational vs. the Predictable: The Value of Proving the “Obvious”. Also discussed will be Evidence-Based Medicine and Alternatives; What is the Scientific Method?; and What is a Hypothesis and do I Need One? The interactive lecture will be followed by a brainstorming workshop, where attendees can float topics and ideas to the Speaker, Moderator, and the group for development into a clear and concise question for study.

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