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Student Scholarship Winners 2022

Every year, FOREA awards $12,500USD in scholarships to eligible incoming second year and advanced standing students enrolled in an American Orthoptic Council (AOC) or Canadian Orthoptic Council (COC) orthoptic/vision science accredited program. We are excited to announce this year's winners!


In first place, we have Lisa Vanover and Aleah Bolinger! Lisa is a student at the Columbus Orthoptic Fellowship Program under directors Kelsy Black and Meghan McMillin. Aleah is from the University of Iowa Orthoptic Program under director Tara Bragg. They have both been awarded $4000USD each.

Lisa Vanover

Columbus Fellowship Program

Aleah Bolinger

University of Iowa

In second place, we have Paige "Brooke" Hollar who is part of the Vanderbilt Eye Institute Orthoptic Program under director Ron Biernacki. She has been awarded $2500USD.

Brooke Hollar

Vanderbilt Orthoptic Program

In third place, we have Kira Poon from the Vancouver Orthoptic Program under director Christy Giligson. She has been awarded $1000USD.

Kira Poon

Vancouver Orthoptic Program

And finally, in fourth place, we have Kierra Winn and Kalpit Patel! Kierra is in the University of Minnesota Orthoptic Program under director Kimberley Merrill. Kalpit is another University of Iowa Orthoptic Program student under director Tara Bragg. They have both been awarded $500USD each.

Kierra Winn

University of Minnesota

Kalpit Patel

University of Iowa

Congratulations to all our winners this year!


Orthoptics is a small, niche profession that is highly specialized. With very few certified orthoptists in Canada and the United States, educational scholarships and research grants that are numerous and accessible in the general medical community are not readily available to orthoptists. FOREA's scholarships reward deserving students with financial support to help pay for their graduate education. Please consider supporting FOREA in our mission to advance the Orthoptic Profession by donating today.

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