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FOREA Student Scholarship Applications 2023

It's that time of the year again! Our student scholarship cycle for 2023 is officially open!!

All incoming second year orthoptic students and advanced standing students who are enrolled in an AOC or COC orthoptic/vision science accredited program are eligible to apply. This is a great opportunity for our students to receive funding for expenses including, but not limited to:

- matriculation in an Orthoptic Training Program

- attendance at regional, national, or international Orthoptic meetings, including but not limited to: AAPOS, WSPOS, IOA or ISA meetings

- tuition for online educational opportunities

- other acceptable educational opportunities

The requirements to apply are:

- application form

- current CV

- scholarship merit questionnaire (in separate Word Doc file)

- two letter of recommendations

~ one letter MUST be from your current orthoptic training program director (please give your program director this Letter for Referees)


Over the years, FOREA has awarded over $70,000 USD in scholarships to more than 30 students. Since orthoptics is a highly specialized yet niche profession, there aren't many accessible educational scholarships for those pursuing this career. FOREA aims to be an organization to offer these opportunities and increase the number of orthoptists and thus improve access to care for patients.

Last year alone, we were able to award six well-deserved students. Click here to see our 2022 winners!

Any Questions can be addressed to:

Carole M. Panton, CO, OC(C) at

Chair - FOREA Educational Scholarship Committee

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