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Season 1 Webinar 6 July 2021


Research Grants: It Takes a Village: Finding Support for Your Clinical Research Project Presented by: Kyle Arnoldi, CO Special Discussant: Sharon Michalovic Moderator: Linda Colpa, OC(C) Originally presented on Wednesday, July 28, 2021 1.5 AOC and COC Core CEC There are many sources of funding available, but the type that would be most applicable to orthoptic clinical research would be Research Grants. There are several sources of grants including Federal Grants, Private Industry-Sponsored Grants, Disease-Specific Private Grants, University Grants, and Non-Profit Organization Grants. Each of these five categories includes multiple different types of grants, each with their own specific eligibility requirements, application, and review process. This webinar will present an overview of Research Grants, with a more in-depth look at funding sources for which an Orthoptist may be eligible to apply. We will also define the roles, rights and responsibilities of the PI, co-investigators, and clinical coordinator. We will discuss the benefits of applying for a Research Grant, the typical information and materials needed to apply, and the way in which most Grants are awarded and administered. The need for funding and how those funds might best be used to conduct clinical research will be reviewed. We will comment on the responsibilities and pitfalls of sponsorship with respect to conflict of interest and ethics of clinical research.

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