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Season 1 Webinar 4 April 2021


Ethical Conduct in Human Research Presented by: Jim Reynolds, MD and Steve Fliesler, PhD Moderator: Kyle Arnoldi, CO and Aaron M. Miller, MD Originally presented on Wednesday, April 28, 2021 1.5 AOC and COC Core CEC Human research is undertaken with the overall intention to do good. Investigators strive to act in the right spirit, out of respect and concern for those who volunteer to participate, and great care is taken to avoid adverse events. Unfortunately, some studies may involve significant risks and despite the best care and planning, things may go wrong. As recently as the mid-20th Century, there were no regulations protecting human subjects in research, and deliberate and horrifying violations occurred. These prompted the development of conduct guidelines, rules, and Institutional Review Boards that today serve to protect and benefit human subjects, and ensure the equal distribution of the benefits of research. In this month’s FOREA Webinar, we will review the history of ethics in human research and the current standards and regulations with which all of us must comply. The principles of respect for persons, beneficence, and justice, and their applications to clinical research and clinical practice, will be emphasized.

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