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Season 1 Webinar 5 May 2021


Navigating the Institutional Review Board Presented by: Linda Colpa, OC(C) Moderator: Kyle Arnoldi, CO Originally presented on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 1.5 AOC and COC Core CEC So, you’ve finally decided on a research question and study design and are ready to tackle the Institutional Research Board application (IRB). But there are so many unknowns: What credentials/educational requirements do I need to apply? What information goes into a research protocol? How many steps and requirements are there to an Ethics Board application, and do I need to fulfill them all? Am I in over my head already and I haven’t even started? Fear no more. Research Ethics Board (REB) applications can appear overly-complicated, and the road to project approval seems long and daunting. Breaking this journey down into its individual components can make this process run smoother. This fifth webinar in the Series will walk you through how to write a stand-alone research protocol, which will help clarify both the scientific and ethical considerations of your project. We will then discuss the nuts and bolts of an IRB application, and learn how all the steps in the process come together. The goal of this webinar ultimately is to de-mystify the Ethics Board application process so you can approach this task with confidence.

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