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Season 1 Webinar 8 September 2021


Opinion, Bias, Analyzing Your Results: Sense and Nonsense Presented by: Kyle Arnoldi, CO Moderator: Katherine J. Fray, CO Originally presented on Wednesday, September 29, 2021 1.5 Core AOC and COC CEC You’ve thoughtfully formulated a hypothesis and designed a study to test it. The study has been approved, and the coffers were filled with grant money. The subjects have been recruited, data collected, and numbers “crunched”. Up to this point, the steps are all rather structured. There are procedures, rules and deadlines to guide the process. But where does the researcher go from here? To analyze your results, you must objectively interpret your data. This step requires critical thinking, sound logic, and impartial and deliberate examination of one’s work to determine the implications and significance of the collected information. Patterns and trends must be identified. Flaws and limitations must be exposed. The data must also be framed within the body of literature on the subject. This step most closely corresponds to the Discussion section of a published paper and its purpose is to assist the reader/listener in assigning both meaning and appropriate value to your study. This is not easy! It requires the researcher to be critical of her/his own work. But the process is highly worthwhile, and these skills transfer well to the clinical practice of orthoptics.

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