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TCOS Travel Grant winners 2023

Updated: May 11, 2023

Congratulations to our two TCOS travel grant winners!!

This year, due to the generous donations we've received, FOREA increased the amount of travel grants this year to two $750USD travel grants for our orthoptist to travel and present their research at the meeting.

Lillian Aladejebi OC(C) Emma Seltzer OC(C)

Nova Scotia Eye Center Dalhousie University

Our two winners are Lillian Aladejebi OC(C) and Emma Seltzer OC(C)!

Lillian will be doing her presentation on Developing capacity for Pediatric Eye Care in Gambia.

Emma will be doing her presentation on the Development of Binocular Vision Tests in a Virtual Reality Environment.

They will travel to Quebec City, Quebec and present their research at the annual TCOS meeting that will be taking place on June 15th-18th, 2023.

FOREA is thrilled to support them financially on their research, and hope to encourage research by orthoptists and to promote the orthoptic profession.

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